Day 7 Downtown Calgary

  1. I took the bus to Downtown. This time I stayed for some time. Apparently I managed to get scolded by an old man drinking beer and smoking on the bench. That’s because I was standing at the bus stop and an another bus (not the 301) came and the driver opened the door and he looked at me and I looked at him and after 30 seconds he went. It was a bit funny , me and him eyeballing each other. The old man told me I should just wave the bus. Common sense. I waved him goodbye when I got on the correct bus, and he shrugged again. That’s something my dad would do in India.
  2. I got a library card for $20 for three months in Calgary Public Library. Free wifi! What a cool bargain! There was a coffee shop where I waited for about an hour because the library opens at 9:00 am and I had a big cup of Chai for $2 (and yes free wifi!). Took my medicine at 8:00 am with water. The water was free straight from the tap and delicious- what a change from the US.
  3. Made friends with the library guy Ivan. Ivan speaks with a Russian accent, but is from Yugoslavia. I asked him whether he was Croat or Serb. This prompted some philosophical memories from Ivan. I also volunteered for the library, but that is iffy too since Calgarians like to volunteer a lot so I will be on a wait list. I can now go to any library in Calgary not just the big one.
  4. Quote of the day- courtesy Ivan. Only two countries really matter now. One is Visa the other is Mastercard. Ivan likes poetry so he took my poetry blog address :). My poetry is very dark though, quite the opposite of humor, so if you like dark poetry that is there in this blog.
  5. Went around in circles trying to locate the US consulate nearby. I plan to visit my friends in Knoxville maybe, but it is going to be very iffy since the US is very particular about visas post 9/11 and they just had the Boston bombings too. I did have valid visas on my old passport (an F1 and an B1), but that got washed and dried ( in my jeans) and thus damaged in 2009. Now I have a new passport. Yes Ivan needed my Indian passport for a library card. Such is life!
  6. The law of diminishing marginal utility leads to me no longer being over impressed by thin good looking Canadians. I took lots of photos too (but I am sharing them with family and will share the best every week to avoid overwhelming this one). I generally shoot the same place multiple times from different angles, and hope to get lucky. Sometimes I do. Photography is mostly perspective, and framing the angles, and manipulating the light. My approach is a bit non orthodox, I am trying to be the best tablet/mobile photography ( as I think that technology will catch up) and auto fix will soon eliminate anything in basic Photoshopping ( sans special effects).
  7. A surprising thing  I saw was a statue of two naked men in front of RCB . Why a bank needs to have a statue of two adult naked men with detailed ahem contours , beats me! Maybe it is a cultural thing. Maybe I will cross the street and read the plaque.
  8. Trekked for a total of 3 hours with my backpack. Searching for consulate and bus stop actually. I am still getting to read the maps. Google Maps helps. Since I don’t have a data card, free wifi helps too.
  9. Tired , sleepy and ready for a nap now. Slept 4 hours last night. Jet Lag/Insomnia is good for creativity and writing so I wrote some stuff ( I have paid articles , ad sponsored  blogs, and published books ). I hope someone publishes my poetry though I am now on my fifth e book and the earlier four were free, self   published and got 10,000 views.Have soccer practice at 6:30 pm, the nephews are playing and I am unofficially coaching them (not the team). I also have to finish my second book on statistics by June 7, and two training assignments pending before I came here – but soccer is more important as the saying goes.
  10. On the slightly bad side, I am very sure I am allergic to cold ( this was diagnosed when I moved from Mumbai (near the sea so not cold) to Delhi (cold at 3-5 degree C) when I was 13). I had kind of forgotten this because Delhi cold is much better to avoid especially if you are a writer.  I have matched almost all the symptoms in this . I think I just need to carry anti-histamines and I will be good. No, it is not chronic just temporary red face for 5 minutes. I guess winter will be a test, huh.
  11. I still have zero Canadian friends , except for some pen pals on OKC who are kind to give advice based on their reading my blog. Big advice- Canada is not Calgary, so avoid generalizations. I love conversations that help me learn new stuff, but you probably know that by now.
  12. Tuesdays is discount day at Imax. Hangover 3 and Fast and Furious 6 are coming. I write movie reviews too. I loved Benedict Cumberbatch  as the new Khan in the new Star  Trek The British continue to be awesome at English movies and English music despite being much fewer in number. I guess they have the advantage of inventing the language, while we have to learn it on the way up.
  13. Okay, here is one photo I took that I really liked  , it was in front of town hall, where I ate my lunch on a bench.
  14. Apparently all the cool fun is on 17 th avenue, but I will go there next week.

2013-05-20 11.08.51

3 thoughts on “Day 7 Downtown Calgary

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